SamZilla was founded in 2020 by Jonathan Davison and Sam Bastow. Find out more about the people behind SamZilla below.

Radio Show

Jonathan Davison has over 25 years of music technology, training and broadcasting experience and handles the administration of the station.

Jonathan has previously worked in student radio at the innovative school for visually impaired young people, WESC in Exeter, Devon. He also briefly worked for BBC radio before moving on to working as an audio specialist for the police.

When Jonathan is not uploading tracks or signing up to directories, he is an independently published author, a musician and an owner of a dog named Chunk.


Sam is the driving force behind the scheduled content on SamZilla Radio and is the lead presenter. Sam has many years of broadcasting experience with regular slots on Soundart Radio based in Dartington, Devon and in Lifecare Radio based in Totnes.

Sam's presentation style is warm, upbeat and lively and he has a passion for the music he plays. Sam enjoys enlightening his listeners with fun facts, brainteasers and is always looking for ways to involve his audience.

For more information, check out his website.


Interested in becoming a presenter for SamZilla?

Are you an enthusiastic presenter who would like the autonomy of having your own show?

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